Support Murfreesboro Artist, Cat Pinkerton

Cat 4 LogoI have had the pleasure of photographing local Murfreesboro, artist, Cat Pinkerton and her work on several occasions. Cat was born with a rare disease called Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, also known as KT. She spent most of her life receiving inadequate medical attention due to the lack of knowledge of her disease.

In recent years, she has become affiliated with and has been working to raise awareness and help others who face the same daily hardships that come along with KT. Last summer she had the opportunity to attend Camp Joy, a camp for kids with KT. She was there as a mentor and friend to the children who were there. Having a rare disease is very difficult especially for children, but Cat has showed them that you can build a life and fight back against the disease.

This year she is once again planning to attend Camp Joy as well as a KT Conference at the Mayo Clinic, but she needs your help. Visit her GoFundMe page to read more and make a donation.

To see more of her artwork visit CaTS SWaGGA on Facebook.

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