Welcome Home 278th!

I’ve always heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I now know that more than ever.

The Tennessee National Guards 278th unit returned home today. I’ve always seen pictures of the troops getting off the military planes and being rejoined with their families, but being there to witness it first hand was truly amazing.

I was on the tarmac as the plane touched down. Watching those troops walk from that plane was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Seeing my future brother-in-law grab his baby girl and hug her like he never hugged her before was an amazing site to see.

Watching his stepson wipe his eyes as he kneeled down to hug him is a moment that will forever be a memory of that day. Thanx to a photograph.

The troops made their way to formation, Chris taking the end of his row, Ashton refusing to leave his side, making for my favorite photo of the day. Pairs of army boots surrounding one pair of little feet in sandals – Truly a definition of family and the military.

Thank you to all our troops for what they do every day, and thanx for letting me be a part of your homecoming.

Chris- I’m so glad that you have made it home safely. We’ve missed you.

One thought on “Welcome Home 278th!

  1. Rachel! What beautiful and touching photos. I love the story of Ashton getting in formation and that’s my favorite photo too. Thanks to the men and women who serve. They make such sacrifices for us.

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