Photo-A-Day Project

Since I always have my camera with me, I’ve decided to capture my every day life in jpeg. I plan to take one photo every day of something in my life, whether it’s my friends, my family, my work, my home, or places I go.

I hope that when I look back on this project I will laugh and smile about the things I saw, the things I did, and the things I love.

I hope that as photography lovers, you can appreciate this project and the little things that make up the every day life.

I don’t think of it as just a glimpse of my life, but a glimpse of everyone’s life in general. The simple things in life are truly beautiful, but not everyone can capture that on film.

I hope you enjoy the blog and the photos that go with it. I’m going to do my best to add a new photo every day, but it will definitely be at least once a week. Click the banner below to visit “Photo-A-Day by Rachel Lynn Photography”

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