What’s Your Hobby?

I’ve been thinking about fun photo session ideas that I would like to work on, and I think I finally came upon a fabulous idea!

We all have our own hobbies or collections that help to shape who we are. What better way to showcase yourself then by highlighting your hobby or collections with a nifty photo session?

Need help figuring out which hobby or collection you can photograph? When I put myself in your place, and think, what would I consider a hobby or collection that makes me who I am, a few things come to mind– my camera equipment, my shoes, my music collection. I can already see the pictures forming in my head.

Maybe you are an artist, a stamp collector, a shoe-a-holic, or a musician. Let me help you showcase your muse.

Contact me to book your session today!

RachelLynnPhoto@gmail.com or   615/653-1127

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