Father’s Day

This Father’s Day will be different for me. It will be the first without my dad. He passed away earlier this year. I was lucky enough to have a photographer for a mom so I have tons of photos with my dad. They are truly precious to me now.

I wanted to give my boyfriend, Mike, a Father’s Day present that he and his son, Scott ,could cherish forever. I hope that one day they can look back on the photos I took and remember the good times and the innocence of childhood.

For me, photography isn’t about making people pose for the perfect picture. It’s finding the perfect picture in the people. My photos capture real moments- moments that you’ll remember forever. Photography really does stop a moment from running away.

My hope is that the pictures I take for people will let them look back on their lives and remember places and times that helped shape who they are.

My Dad is one of the two biggest reasons that I am the person I am. And I can see it in photographs. I’m just like him.

One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Oh Rachel, the pictures of Mike and Scott are precious and I’m sure in years to come they will be a source of joy many times over!

    On Father’s Day look back on all your wonderful memories of your Dad and know he’s with you in spirit.

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